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Greg Foster

Greg Foster was our first addition to NFL Football Handicappers due to his leadership and sports betting experience.  Greg is well known by some of our founders and has been successfully handicapping football for 21 years.  Greg is a gambler by nature and also enjoys horse betting and visiting casinos all over the world in his spare time when football is not in season.  We look forward to offering Greg's services exclusively through NFL Football Handicappers.Sports: NFL 

Greg is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.

Billy "All In" DiPaulo

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY Billy DiPaulo was around card games his entire childhood.  Raised by his Uncle, Billy was introduced to poker at a very young age as a way to bond with his older family members.  Billy is unlike most sports handicappers being that he got his early gambling experience through cards not sports.  Billy was introduced to sports gambling sometime after high school when he was looking to pick up some extra cash.  He and his friends would make trips to Atlantic City where they got in on some action from a well known bookie.  As they say, the rest is history.  Billy found his calling and now focuses exclusively on NFL and looks to inflate your bankroll this NFL season.Sports: NFL 

Billy is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.

Richard Scott

Richard Scott has survived eight years in Las Vegas as a professional sports handicapper.  Richard is entering the online marketplace for the first time in his career.  "I've been able to profit each season because I research every single play I release to exhaustion.  If there is any small reason at all for me to stay clear of a team or spread, I won't release the play.  A pick must meet all of my criteria in order for a play to be released to my clients."  Richard is dedicated to his craft and he looks forward to earning your NFL handicapping business.Sports: NFL 

Richard is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.

"Slick" Rick Williams

"Slick" Rick as his colleagues call him due to his naturally smooth attitude is a Houston, TX native.  Rick played football from the age of 8 through college.  A Division II standout, Rick had a desire to keep football in his life when he was offered a sports marketing job out of college.  Rick gained experience in sales and marketing before taking a leap of faith to turn to sports betting as a full time job.  Rick brings a client list of well over 100 people scattered over the state of Texas and hopes to offer his NFL betting experience to other parts of the globe.Sports: NFL 

"Slick" is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.

Josh Gilcrest

Josh Gilcrest is our resident accountant.  Josh was formerly a CPA for fifteen years and moonlighted as a sports handicapper.  Josh first introduced his services for free through a sports betting blog.  While giving away free picks he became pretty popular and decided he needed to get paid for his services.  Josh has been handicapping NFL for 5 years and looks to make a big name for himself online.Sports: NFL 

Josh is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.

Shane Levins

Shane Levins was a former intern for Greg Foster and gets his first big break as a lead sports handicapper.  Shane was formerly with Greg assisting him for six years.  Shane made the decision to specifically handicap NFL football because of the demand and because he understands how difficult it is maintain when handicapping more than one sport.  Shane is a welcomed addition to our handicapping staff and provides a lot of energy and excitement.Sports: NFL 

Shane is 0-0 Since Wed, 7/17.